Internet access speed - Moldova came third

Out of 152 countries included in the ranking of Internet access speed, Moldova is on the 3rd place.

Only two countries exceed us: South Korea and Latvia. In the same rating, Japan ranks fourth and the U.S. - just 26th place. These results were made public by the Company Ookla which created Speedtest service, according to its Net Index ranking.

South Korea is in the the top with an average Internet access speed of 34.14 megabits per second. Latvian users enter the network at speeds of 24.29 megabits per second. Moldova is not far behind Latvia - average Internet access speed in our country is 21.37 megabits per second. But Japan remains behind with 20.29 megabits per second. The last country among the five leaders is Sweden.

The top 10 countries with the fastest Internet access include Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Lithuania and Portugal.

USA stays on the 26th position in this ranking: Americans enter the network at speeds of 10.16 megabits per second (2 times lower than in Moldova). Russian Federation is on the 28th position, United Kingdom - on the 33rd position and Israel - the 60th position.

The last ranking positions are occupied by Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Yemen, Mali and Sudan. In these countries Internet access speed does not exceed 5000 kilobits per second.

The Ookla Company also stated that the market of Internet services in Moldova is unique, suffering little from the economic crisis. Moreover, during the last year the market of Internet services was growing by approximately one third, estimated at 400 million.

Source: website of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications