Memorandum of Understanding signed with e-Governance Academy from Estonia

Minister of State Victor Bodiu and the director of  e-Governance Academy in Estonia, Arvo OTT signed a Memorandum of Understanding on electronic governance.

According to the Memorandum, the State Chancellery of Moldova and the e-Governance Academy in Estonia will join their efforts to improve the activity of  civil servants and elected officials through the exchange of best practices in improving public services, sharing resources and experts in order to increase the expertise of the teaching staff and will conduct joint activities in the field of electronic governance and administrative reform. The Memorandum also provides for participation at the various exhibitions organized by the parties and international projects aimed at developing the management structure and local government.

Mr. Bodiu said that The Government aims to implement information technologies to improve public service quality and e-Government as part of the process of modernization and reform of public administration.

However, Minister of State stated that in achieving this objective, the Government will take into account the specificities of our country. Thus, while implementing new information technologies training to strengthen institutional capacity of public institutions and public officials will be provided,  promoting new ways of government structures functioning and popularizing new services in all teh republic.

Victor Bodiu mentioned in this context, that Government adopted the Decision on establishing the Centre for Electronic Governance (e-Government), which is designed to streamline communication, both between local and central government, as well as bwteen state and citizens.

State Minister appreciated the support to Moldova's development in promoting reforms, referring to the International Summit "Information and Communication Technologies for better governance", which was held in Chisinau on May 18-19, 2010.

Victor Bodiu stressed that Estonian experience is very  important for our country in terms of e-Government and is convinced that the Memorandum signed  will prmote mutually advantageous cooperation between our countries in the development of effective and transparent governance.

Source: website of the Government of RM