Export Coaching Program videoconference by Dutch Center for the Promotion of Imports

Your company has an unique opportunity to participate in a project that will support to enhance your exports to EU countries. The project is called Export Coaching Program and is offered to you by the Dutch Center for the Promotion of Imports from the Developing Countries (CBI www.cbi.eu), located in Amsterdam, Holland.

In order to learn what this project is about and how your company can participate and benefit from it, please come to the video conference with CBI, organized by Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies, CEED project (funded by USAID) and Moldova E-Development Network, that will take place on 4th of December, 2009, 10:00, in the multimedia room on 2nd floor, World Bank Office Pușkin 20/1 str. MD 2012, Chisinau.

ITO/BPO/KPO companies, fitting the criteria and interested to participate, are welcome to sign up by the 3rd of December, 16:00 at [email protected] or 887 000.

General objectives of the CBI ECP Program: 

  • Assist service providers in low cost countries in order to build (and improve) marketable capabilities, services and European market knowledge;
  • Provide knowledge transfer and business information on offshore outsourcing (training, information on markets, marketing, technology trends, processes, project management, competition, etc.)
  • Identify and benchmark strong services providers in the target countries and introduce them on the European market
  • Establish an integrated European marketing program for ITO service providers from the selected low cost countries
  • Provide matchmaking and promotion opportunities
  • Assist European service buyers in their offshore outsourcing buying decision and guide them through the whole outsourcing process from strategy formulation to finalizing a deal.

For more details, please visit www.cbi.eu