ICT Skills Development Workshop

The most ambitious international programs like Edu-Egypt, Mexico-First and others that helped to improve the development of ICT skills at the national level were discussed at the Chisinau Office of the World Bank.

Workshop on Public Private Partnerships for e-Transformation

The Workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 2nd, between 4:00 pm -6:00 pm, at the World Bank Office in Chisinau, 20/1, Puskin St.

Cloud Computing: M-Cloud Presentation

The Cloud model of computing that was used to provide the governmental e-services in Japan, the United Kingdom and other countries has helped significantly to reduce the timeline and costs for implementation and management of e-services system. It also supported the maintenance of this
system in a more energy efficient way, extremely important for Moldova with its highest energy prices in the CIS.

Presentation of Mr. Randeep Sudan, a Lead ICT Policy Specialist at the Global ICT Department of the World Bank was held at the WB office in Chisinau.

Moldova e-Gov Summit 2010
18-05-2010 - 19-05-2010

Between 18 and 19 May 2010 in Chisinau will be held a high level meeting “The Moldova e-Government Summit 2010” called “ICT for better governance”.

Workshop on Estonia e-Governance Experience: Lessons for Moldova

The workshop was chaired by Arvo Ott, the Executive Director of e-Governance Academy.

The driving force for e-Government development in Estonia, the Informatics Council, was formed under the Government of the country, the CIOs in this council were responsible for ICT policy in each ministry.

Moldova ICT Summit 2010
30-03-2010 - 31-03-2010

Moldova ICT Summit 2010 "Empowering Development through information technology" will take place on March 30-31 at Leogrand Convention Center.

Video Conference on topic of Digital TV Switchover (DSO)

A video conference to provide an overview of the experience of the U.S. in the DSO issue was held at the World Bank office in Chisinau, Moldova, on March 26, 2010. 

The discussion involved ANRCETI and MTIC representatives and  the FCC colleagues from the US, who provided a  15-20 minute opening description of the digital TV switchover process in the US and their experiences, followed by discussion and a Q&A session. 

Presentation of the best world practices: Experience of the Andhra Pradesh State of India

In 15 years only the Andhra Pradesh State of India passed a way from an agricultural province with a volume of software export in $14 million in 1995 to $7.2 billion of software exports in 2009.

It was a strong political will and a creative approach in attracting attention of the world ICT leaders and their investments that helped to change an existing situation. This experience was presented to the high-level authorities in Moldova at the World Bank office in Chisinau by Mr. Randeep Sudan, a Lead ICT Policy Specialist at the Global ICT Department of the World Bank.

Workshop on Transforming Moldova with ICT: Sharing the Singapore Experience
15-12-2009 - 16-12-2009

This workshop is organized by the World Bank's Global ICT Department in collaboration with IDA Singapore, IE Singapore and the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of Moldova. The workshop will provide a platform for engaged dialogue on the role of ICT in the public sector transformation agenda, and on how Singapore's success in e-Government via close collaboration with the private sector might translate to Moldova.

Export Coaching Program videoconference by Dutch Center for the Promotion of Imports

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