Moldova e-Development Network (MeDN) is a country-level chapter of the e-Development Thematic Group in Moldova, adapted to address specific high priority policy reforms and initiatives in Moldova and is envisioned as:

Mission: MeDN aims to:

  • catalyze multi-stakeholder dialogue, consensus building and joint problem-solving and enhance the capacity of the Moldovan policy-makers and practitioners to implement ICT-enabled governance reforms;
  • engage them in continuous discussion with their peers and other stakeholders locally and internationally;
  • provide them with on-demand access to best practices in ICT4D as well as a set of materials for continuous training;
  • help incorporate international best practices and lessons learned in specific policy reforms.

In order to achieve this, the MeDN initiative includes the following activities:

  • Delivery of the e-Development Seminar Series, including global, regional and country-level events using Web 2.0, videoconferencing, webinar and webcasting tools
  • Provision of a Web platform for effective packaging, dissemination and re-use of generated knowledge, and for knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer-networking. Advanced social media tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter will be used in addition to the knowledge portal.

Target Audience: MeDN is a community of practice open for participation by World Bank staff and external clients and partners. It brings together ICT specialists and other development professionals for mutual learning, knowledge sharing, capacity building and operational collaboration.